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Septic Tank Cleaning: 4 Things You Need to Know

Septic tank cleaning is perhaps a new topic for the people who live in the city. But for homeowners in the countryside or rural areas, regular cleaning and maintenance of the septic system are a must to avoid problems.

If you have a septic tank, make sure that it is cleaned and pumped regularly. Read on to know all the things that you need to know about keeping your tank well cleaned and maintained.

Why should I arrange for the service septic tank cleaning?

When you flush a toilet in your home, use the washing machine, or take a shower, the used water and waste exit your house and go to your septic tank.

The waste settles to the bottom of the tank while the water leaves the tank into the leach field. As the waste accumulates, you would need a septic tank cleaning service to remove the sludge material and prevent the tank from getting full or overflowing.

If the tank gets overfull then the septic system will stop working properly. Solid material might get into the septic tank and out through the absorption line and may eventually damage the septic system.

Can I clean the septic tank myself?

It is not recommended that you clean the septic tank yourself. It is a challenging process. If you do it incorrectly, which many people do, you can hurt yourself, damage your tank, contaminate the environment or the well water, and even not remove all the waste from the tank.

You should hire a septic specialist to clean and pump your tank. They are qualified and insured to carry out this job. They can save you time because they can locate the tank easily and open it. They also save you money because they have the tools to properly pump your tank.

How often should I clean my septic tank?

Different factors affect the frequency of your septic tank cleaning in USA. These include the size of your septic tank, the amount of waste generated, and the number of people who occupy the house.

You should clean your tank at least once every three years to ensure that it is working efficiently. But you have to check the levels of sludge in your septic system annually.

How do I know it is due time for my septic tank cleaning?

Many people feel confused and don’t know when to clean the tank or what signs one should look for before cleaning the tank. Watch out for these signs that indicate you need a tank cleaning:

  • The tank is overflowing. Because it does not have enough capacity

  • Slow drains in the home. Because pipes get clogged

  • Unpleasant odors near the tank

  • The grass is brighter and lusher than usual because of leaks

  • Sewage backs up into your home. This indicates that the tank has reached the maximum capacity.

Ongoing care and maintenance are important to steer clear of the cost of repair and replacement. Is your septic tank due to be cleaned? Call Septic Works LLC today. Leave the dirty job to us, save your time and money, and let us take care of your onsite sewage system. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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