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6 Septic System Failure Signs You Should Know

Being aware of septic system failure signs and causes is essential to avoid issues. The purpose of a septic tank is to treat the wastewater that exits your home and separate the clean water from the solid waste.

When a tank starts to malfunction, you can expect significant plumbing problems like sewage backup, water spilling out of the tank, etc.

It is true that you cannot see your septic system, but you can tell when something is wrong. If you are worried that your onsite sewage system is not working properly, here are 6 septic system failure signs plus causes to keep in mind.

Septic system failure signs

1. Odor: If you can smell nasty odors near the drain field and plumbing appliances, then it is likely that your septic tank is having problems. This can be wastewater or air escaping into your yard.

After a heavy rain, the ground absorbs the extra moisture. So, this is an exception. Otherwise, you need to call in a septic specialist to check what is going on.

2. Puddles of water: If you see large pools of water near the drain field, it is a septic system failure sign. Especially if it has not rained for days or weeks.

That happens because when your septic tanks fails, it stops to absorb wastewater.

3. Greener and brighter grass: We love to see our yard grass green and bright and that is cool. We even use fertilizers and mulch to help us out. But did you know that sewage has the same properties that help your grass to grow as much as mulch?

So, if your yard grass is getting greener and brighter but you have not been using mulch nor has it been raining, it is likely that wastewater is leaking into your lawn.

4. Gurgling sounds: You know you have a septic issue if you start to hear gurgling sounds in your drains and toilets.

5. Sewage backup: If your septic system fails, sewage starts to back up into your house. That is because pipes are blocked and it cannot go to the tank.

If you see wastewater backing up into kitchen sinks, bathroom drains and even your toilet, know you have a septic system failure sign.

6. Slow drains: When was the last time you used the water tap and it was draining slowly? This is a common septic system failure sign.

It happens when your house plumbing pipes get clogged because your septic tank is full. No matter what chemicals or tools you use to unclog your drain, you have to address the underlying problem.

Why is my septic tank leaking?

A leaking septic tank can be the result of several factors, especially a failure to maintain the system. Let us dive in.

Tree Roots: Trees extend their roots when they grow in search of water. Unfortunately, trees roots reach the septic system area as it has abundant water and high levels of moisture.

And that includes your septic tank and drain field. Tree roots possess an uncanny ability to locate the drain field pipes and work their way in.

Heavy items cause pipes to crush: As a septic system owner, you have to know where the septic tank and drain field are located so that no heavy items go on top. Too much weight causes pipes to crush.

Avoid driving or parking cars, or placing landscaping items on top of the septic system.

Being aware of septic system failure signs is great, but it is greater to know the causes and even take preventive action.

Ignoring maintenance: If you have a septic system, it’s important to understand how septic systems work and be familiar with the maintenance tasks you can complete to help extend the life of your system by preventing leaks and clogs.

If you maintain your septic system, it can live up to decades and thus save you money on repairs or new installation.

Too many chemicals: How your septic tank works is by relying on the organic bacteria inside the tank to break down the waste from the water. These bacteria are delicate and can easily die if you throw many cleaning products down the drains.

If these bacteria die, your tank will fill up so fast. That is because wastewater inside the tank will accumulate and it won’t break down. which will lead to water leaking out of the septic tank or sewage backing up into your house.

Watch out for any septic system failure signs

Now that you are familiar with septic system failure signs, you are on a great path to protect your septic system and prevent any contamination.

It is all about regular septic tank maintenance, being aware of septic system failure signs, and your septic age and status.

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