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Can My Septic Tank Back Up Into My House?

Updated: May 10

It sounds like a scene from the movies, but many homeowners in Georgia and South Carolina ask us the following question: can the septic tank back up into my house? Yes, it can.

Sewage backups are one of the worst problems that homeowners may face. They are a health hazard to you and your neighbors. It is not something that you can fix yourself. Handling septic systems requires skill and knowledge of how the septic system works, the location of the septic tank and the drain field, and knowing the structure of the plumbing system within your house.

What causes sewage backups into house?

Lack of maintenance and repair leads to problems in the septic tank. Here are the most common three reasons:

Garbage disposal: You cannot throw everything down your house sinks and drains. These sinks are there to flush the contents into your septic tank, but sometimes the content does not get broken down and gets stuck in the pipes causing the septic tank to backup into your house.

It is also quite often for the pipes to get clogged because of flushing plastic things down the toilets like feminine hygiene products, diapers, baby wipes, etc.

Tree roots: It is important that you plant trees and shrubs far from your septic tank and drain field. Their roots can grow and sneak through pipe cracks and cause an obstruction.

Excess water use: Pushing a lot of water into your septic system causes it to overflow. It results from taking many showers a day, using the washing machine several times a day over a period of seven days, and washing dishes in the dishwasher all the time.

To avoid this taking place, you should space out your water usage. For example, only wash dishes at night, use the washing machine only once or twice per week, and reduce the number of daily showers.

5 warning signs that your septic system is not functioning properly

  1. Foul odor in the yard or a bad smell backing up into your toilets, bathtubs and sinks.

  2. Clogged drains. If flushing the toilet takes times or you have slow draining sinks, the pipes are likely to be obstructed.

  3. Water backing up into the tub, shower or sinks.

  4. Water flooding out of the septic tank lid.

  5. Grass around the septic tank and the drain field pipes getting unusually green and all the time wet.

If you encounter any issue with your septic system, talk to a professional septic specialist.

If you live in Georgia or South Carolina, Septic Works can advise you on the condition of your septic tank! Our specialists will ensure that your septic system is working properly and repair any small issues before they get bigger.

Now you know that the septic tank can back up into your house, take all the preventative actions and be aware of the warning signs. Otherwise, call Septic Works if you encounter any issue at 843-962-6363 and have peace of mind.

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