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Concrete Septic Tank Repair: Everything You Need to Know

Concrete septic tank repair can be a laborious task for homeowners, thankfully, septic tanks have a long lifespan and they can go for decades without the need of intervention. So, when should you consider a septic tank repair?

It is needed in case of damage caused by earthquakes, construction problems, or heavy machinery being driven over them, but in general, they tend to be very resilient.

Concrete septic tank repair is very important because if not working properly, it can cause breaches in the tank, allowing water to pour into the tank and sewage to escape, this can be a major health hazard. One sign that you need to repair your septic tank, is if you smell sewer gas outside your home or notice damp areas where they shouldn’t be.

Getting your septic tank repaired is very important because any structural flaw can put your life at risk.

They last for approximately 40 years or more as long as the wastewater is not acidic. These tanks are sturdy and reliable but not indestructible. The biggest risk is exposing the concrete to acidic substances.

With proper maintenance, septic tanks will last longer but proper care needs to be taken into consideration. Concrete septic tanks will have longer lifespan with regular pumping, this service can be provided by Septic Works LLC.

Septic tank leak repair is one of the most common sought out services by homeowners, this is because at times, septic tanks will crack, which can cause leaks and problems with soil contamination.

Septic tank leak repair will depend on how deep the leak is, sometimes they can be fixed without further problems, and in other times they require complete replacement.

Concrete septic tank top replacement is important because the lid protects your sewage tank from odors and sewage seeping into the earth. The lid must be removed every five years to have the septic system emptied and the tank disinfected.This process is necessary when the tank covers acquire cracks or other deterioration.

Cracked septic tank lids are one of the main causes for concrete septic tank repair, this is because the weight of the soil placed on top of the lid puts it under constant pressure. Thankfully, cracked septic tank lids are simple to repair, the process consists of removing the lid, cleaning it and drying it before applying concrete filler to the cracked region.

The top replacement may seem a bit unnecessary and troublesome but it’s one of the most important components of the system. A weak seal around the entrance will allow odors to scape and well as foreign things entering the tank, this will likely cause further problems to the concrete septic tank.

As always, before considering concrete septic tank repair, it’s best to seek out the help of a trained professional to find out for sure what kind of repair fits your needs. For example, if your septic tank is fractured, it will have to be repaired, and on the other hand, if the tank has been overly damaged, then it should be replaced.

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