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Septic tank pumping Bluffton, SC

Updated: May 14

You might come across a bunch of websites that offer information on septic tank pumping in Beaufort SC, however, it is hard to find a licensed and insured septic specialist that has training, experience and knows the laws and regulations of septic systems in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Before anything, what is septic tank pumping? It is the process of removing sludge from the bottom of the septic tank, this needs to be done before the sludge builds up to a level where it blocks the outlet pipe through which liquids flow into the drain field.

If you need a service of septic tank pumping in Beaufort SC, look no further! Septic Works LLC can help you. We are licensed and insured and have been serving clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over two decades. We will take care of all your needs.

We recommend septic tank pumping to be done every 3 to 5 years, although there might be times where you might need to do it annually. After the septic tank pumping process is complete, you’ll be able to see the amount of waste released after the tank has been emptied. This will help you determine how often you should consider pumping the tank depending on your household´s usage.

ight also depend on:

  • Size of household: Larger households, predictably, generate more waste, and thus fill up the septic tank faster.

  • How much wastewater is generated: The sheer volume of wastewater flowing into the septic tank can affect how fast the septic tank fills up.

  • The volume of solids in the wastewater: Households with many toilets, or who make frequent use of garbage disposals, tend to fill up the septic tank quicker.

  • Septic tank size: Larger tanks can hold more solid sludge, and thus will need less frequent pumping.

There are also things that you can do to reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping in Beaufort SC, for example:

  • Reduce water usage: By using high-efficiency plumping toilets and faucets, you will greatly reduce the amount of water that goes into the septic system. • Reduce solid wastes: Don’t flush anything down the drain other that toilet paper and avoid using a garbage disposer that puts organic food waste into the septic system

  • Avoid putting chemicals down the drain: Chemicals can interfere with the bacteria action that breaks down solid waste so it’s best to avoid flushing them down the drain.

We hope that all the recommendations mentioned above will help you understand the importance of pumping the tank. It’s always important to seek the help of trained professionals. We offer practical advice for keeping your septic system healthy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out more about septic tank pumping in Beaufort SC!

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