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Should a Septic Tank be Pumped Before Inspection?

Updated: May 10

When You are about to buy a new home in Georgia or South Carolina, and you are receiving a lot of recommendations, some friends tell you to inspect the new home septic system, while others tell you that you need to pump the septic tank, first. So, what should you do?

Homeowners are required to regularly maintain the onsite sewage system in their house yard. A septic inspection uncovers if there are any potential problems. When you hire Septic Works to conduct a septic system inspection, we open the tank to check the water levels to find out if the tank is leaking or too full.

We also run water through your home taps to ensure that it is flowing from your house to the tank and absorption area without any issues.

What happens during a septic tank inspection?

You should arrange for a septic tank pumping at least once every three to five years depending on the size of your tank and the amount of wastewater your house generates. When you hire us to inspect the septic tank, we pump the entire tank. Another scenario is when the inspection fails before any pumping has been performed.

Generally, a septic inspection finds out if there are any leaks, overfill or any backup into the house. Based on these indicators, we evaluate if we need to pump the tank or not.

When we pump a septic tank, our inspectors look for a variety of things. There should be a separate layer of sludge, gray water, and scum at the bottom of the tank. Before we pump, we ensure that these layers and water levels exist correctly. After the pump has been completed, our inspectors use a flashlight to shine a light inside the tank, this allows us to know the condition of the tank and discover if there is any damage or leaks.

We also clean the effluent filters that prevent any solids from getting into the drain field. We also ensure that your tank is watertight and there are no cracks that could indicate any significant damage.

If we find that the liquids are not at the proper level, we will conduct an inspection. Also, if there is any damage or leaks, we will pump the tank to have a clear picture of the condition of your septic tank.

Finally, should a septic tank be pumped before the inspection? The answer is yes. Our inspectors will need to evaluate the condition of your septic tank before the home sale.

If you live in Georgia or South Carolina, Septic Works will let you know if our septic tank is in good working order! We will ensure that your new septic system is working properly and does not need any major repairs. We will also let you know the age of the septic system and for how many years more we expect it to last.

We will take care of all these details for you so you don’t need to worry whether your septic tank should be pumped before inspection or not. Call us today at 843-962-6363 and have peace of mind.

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