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What Is a Septic Tank Alarm?

Updated: May 10

It is a monitoring device that is put inside the septic tank. It sounds an alert when the water level in the tank is higher or lower than it should be.

An activated alarm can mean a few things, a septic tank pump problem or aeration device problem or electrical problem – depending on the type of septic system you own. The alarm is there just to alert you to a potential problem, so you have time to investigate it before it goes out of control.

With septic systems being very popular in Georgia and South Carolina, a septic tank alarm is a good thing to add to your new septic tank. With public sewer lines, the municipality is responsible for any repair works, but septic systems are private and belong only to homeowners. So, you are responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting on your property.

Knowing your septic tank location and how it works, septic do’s and don’ts as well as understanding basic things like what is a septic tank alarm are important steps in prolonging the life of your onsite sewage system.

Reasons for high water levels inside the tank

There are many examples of excessive water usage that will cause your septic tank to fill up fast:

  1. Doing laundry loads back-to-back

  2. Big loads of dish washing or using the dishwasher back-to-back especially when you have many guests

  3. Teenagers taking long showers or many showers at a single day

  4. The groundwater getting into the tank

  5. Hooking external drains up to your plumbing

  6. Rain clogging up your drain field especially when there is no correct drainage

  7. The ground around the tank getting wet and seeping into the tank

  8. The tank lid or cover not completely locked which can lead to water seeping in

What is a septic tank alarm troubleshooting?

When your septic alarm goes off, it can be confusing and a bit intimidating to try to know what made it go off in the first place as there are many reasons for this. Septic Works LLC recommends you to first know what type of septic system you have.

If you have no clue, you can check out your septic map or drawing where it will mention what type of septic system you have. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a septic specialist.

Troubleshooting a septic system depends on the type of septic system you have, conventional, cat box, mound, chamber, etc.

Conventional septic system warnings

Conventional septic systems are mostly gravity fed and hence do not have a pump or aeration device. When the alarm goes off, it usually means one of the following:

  1. The outlet pipe is blocked

  2. The effluent filter is fitted

  3. The leach field is overfed

What is a septic tank alarm that is false?

A false septic alarm is when the alarm goes off without a valid reason, not due to excess water use or low water inside the tank.

For more information about septic tank alarm, alarm installation, septic tank maintenance, talk to Septic Works LLC today at 843-962-6363

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